Changing your life, creating new behaviors, going from a negative to positive mindset, even generating one small new wellness habit begins in your brain. 

Eureka30 is powered by evidence on successful behavior change from the world’s largest standardized brain database and recommendations from the National Institute of Health.

Create lifelong wellness habits in the 5 pillars of health:

  • NeuroCHILL:¬†Stress reduction and fostering calm.
  • NeuroNOURISH:¬†Nutritional habits for brain and body health.
  • NeuroENERGIZE:¬†Encouraging an active lifestyle.
  • NeuroCONNECT:¬†Enhancing social connections.
  • NeuroSLEEP:¬†Prioritizing quality sleep for overall health.

Eureka30 takes you from Knowing to Doing  through:

  • Concise video content- 5-7 min. to personalize¬† to¬†your preferences.
  • EUREKA30¬†new habit actions in 3 minutes or less¬† designed to maximize habit generation.
  • Online and downloadable support tools to support your new habits.
  • EUREKA30¬†App to track and personalize you30-day challenge.

Take back your Power.


Flexible program formats to suit your preferences and goals.

Eureka30 delivers the most recent evidence-based findings that synergize and compound benefits over a 30-day challenge and then into daily life.

Support and strategies for effortlessly incorporating new habits into your daily life, extending well beyond the initial 30 days.